Mothers Day – Not all superheroes wear capes.

“To mom. Dear mom, if I had another mom I would punch her in the face and come find you.”  Happy Mothers Day

Why hello there. If you haven’t realised by now, this post will focus on our birth givers (aka mothers). I don’t know if you guys know but apparently there’s this big Netflix series called “13 reasons why”. Now, let’s take that concept and turn it into “11 reasons why mothers are awesome” (I wasn’t able to come up with 13).

Me, myself and mom

As you can see I’ve also added a picture. If you’re wondering, I’m the one wearing the sunglasses and the woman hanging awkwardly from my shoulder is my mom (little known fact, her name is not actually mom).

Alright here we go; “11 reasons why mothers are awesome”:

  1. They are like our fathers (only smarter).
  2. She carried you for 9 months physically and, in my case, 22 years financially.
  3. You didn’t turn out like Bin Laden
  4. She does the work of 20. FOR FREE.
  5. When you think something is lost in another dimension, she manages to find it.
  6. She loves you (even though you don’t accept her friend request on Facebook).
  7. You can always call her to ask how long chicken lasts in the fridge.
  8. Remember all those secrets she didn’t tell Dad?
  9. She has the amazing ability to hear a sneeze through closed doors, in the middle of the night, 3 bedrooms away while dad’s snoring next to her.
  10. She give birth to a LEGEND
  11. Even when she’s wrong, she’s right.

Also, if you’re still wondering what present you should get your mother to celebrate this marvelous occasion, buy her a bottle of wine! Afterall, you are one of the reasons she drinks.

In all seriousness, when you’re done reading this post, go to your mom, tell her you love her and give her one of those awkward hugs you always give her.

See you (I can’t actually see you) in my next post!





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