Sushi Foodbaby

“Who needs gender roles when you can have sushi rolls?”

If you have read this far (bravo on the achievement), then you might be wondering what in the world this blogpost will be about. Well Sir (or Madam), I would like to welcome you to a weekly update of my life. A week of Maxi (derived from my name) if you will.

Since this is the first “Week of Maxi”, I’ll take this opportunity to describe my current situation. If you didn’t know (pretty sure you didn’t), I’m a student who is currently in Finland for an internship. I love the freezing cold and serious lack of darkness (notice the sarcasm) but in reality I’m a full bred Belgian.

But why am I in Finland you ask? Marvelous question! I am stuDYING to become a teacher in English and economics and for my last semester of teacher practice I got the opportunity to go to Vantaa, which is a region in Finland (you dummy), to go and teach at an international school. That’s basically what I’ve been doing these past 5 weeks and due a severe overabundance of time (and weirdly enough my sister) I decided to start blogging.

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Behold the baby

Now that you’re up to date, I’m not sure what to talk about. Oh wait, yes I do. The day was Wednesday, 17 May 2017, also known as the day on which I got pregnant with a foodbaby. The day was cold (as always), the time was 1pm and the main character in this sad story (me) was starving so he went to a local sushi joint. Little did he know that he would come back with a foodbaby, twins no less! To summarize, the day ended with me crashing on the sofa for give or take 2 hours. Also, since I ate enough to feed an entire village, the only thing I had before going to bed was oxygen (and a sandwich). A bit sad to say that this was actually the highlight of my 5th week here in Finland.

This is about 1/10 of what I ate on the day I got impregnated (I did the math)

Flash forward 2 days. After having digested the foodbaby, I thought that the remainder of the week would be rainbows and sunshine BUT I was wrong (partially). Mark Friday, 19 May 2017 in your calendar as THE WORST DAY of my stay here in Finland. Before telling the story I must add the key component of the story to make it even more dramatic.

I was dressed like an Eskimo (I was expecting cold weather)

After having spent 6 weeks in Finland in what felt like subzero temperatures (read -2 degrees), the sun finally decided to show itself by raising the temperatures to +20 degrees (I’m using the non-retarded metric system a.k.a. degrees celsius). All was well in the world again, I had just finished a day of teaching, hopped on the train and put on my music listening device (read headset) when suddenly my day turned to shit. Over a span of 1 hour, several people on the train suddenly stood up and stepped off the train after having heard a short Finnish announcement. It took me 1 hour to fully realize that the previously mentioned Finnish announcements were actually telling me to get of the train because it wouldn’t be leaving for another 3 hours and that I should take a bus. With my beautiful day slightly ruined, I walked to the bus platform (mind you, I’m still wearing my Eskimo clothes) and stepped on a bus BUT this is where my day got even shittier. Let me tell you, spending an hour on a smoking hot bus while standing up, while being dressed like you’re about to climb the Mount Everest is no fun. I’ve also added a picture below of myself after my glorious journey (read the caption underneath).

Processed with VSCO with  preset
I look happy but I’m actually dying on the inside.

And that concludes my little rant about how my first beautiful day in Finland turned into a nightmare. Later that day I decided to go clubbing and drown my misery by means of alcohol and dancing.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my misery and pregnancy but I must bid you farewell. Prepare yourself for another blogpost this Wednesday or Thursday.

Till we meet again!



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