The Land of Beer, Chocolate and Waffles (AKA Belgium) – Week of Maxi

Saturday, 27 May 2017. On this day I took an airship back to Belgium after having spent 7 weeks in Finland as a molder of young minds (read teacher).

 Fun fact; I’m writing this part of the blog on the airplane with an elderly woman to my left who is watching every word I’m typing and a kid to my right who is playing with one of those ridiculous “Fidgets” (seriously, what’s up with those??). All of this while listening to the new album of Russ (huge recommendation btw).


Here are a couple of things I’m looking forward to once I get back to Belgium:

  • Drinking cheap alcohol
  • Eating chicken, rice and broccoli (classic)
  • Watching TV
  • Ah yes, and being reunited with my family and friends.

Here’s something I’m not looking forward to: According to the

Airplane toilet selfie. 

weather forecast, it’ll be 30 degrees Celsius in Belgium, that’s 86 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who use the retard metric system (love you though, wait, are we close enough already to use the word love?). But why in God’s name would I not look forward to such scorching hot weather (according to Belgian standards)? Let’s just say that I might have the palest complexion in Belgium. Now, this is not a huge issue for me, but it is for you (in case we ever meet)! Due to the sunlight being reflected on my abnormally pale skin, some people might turn temporarily blind (in case you’re wondering, yes this is a joke).

So, what did I do to celebrate my return to the land of beer, chocolate and waffles? Here’s a rough draft of my timetable for that day:

10:45            Made contact with solid footing.

11:00            Met my birth giver (read mom) who picked me up.

12:30            Arrived at my headquarters and cooked myself a delicious meal.

12:45             Ate the delicious meal while watching New Girl.

13:30             FITNESS TIME – Chesticles and Back attack.

15:00             Protein shake (protein farts included).

15:10             Being awesome.

–                 Told the magnificent tales of my adventures, gaming & Netflix (& chill).

16:00            Went to “Gent Smaakt” (more about this below).



“Gent Smaakt”

I should start of this part of the blog with explaining what exactly “Gent Smaakt” is. The translation of “Gent Smaakt” is “Ghent Tastes” (you can thank me later for the lesson in Dutch). In case you didn’t know, Ghent is a marvellous city in Belgium which you should definitely visit (if you ever get the chance that is). But what can you do at Gent Smaakt? Easy. You can eat all the food you want (it’s a food festival)! And that’s exactly what I did! I managed to shove ridiculous amounts of food in my mouth (diet starts on Monday, I swear). Behold the pictures of the food, drinks and views!


And that concludes my first day back in Belgium. On Sunday (today) I of course went to the gym to make myself feel a little less guilty about Saturday, had lunch with my family (trust me, they’re way more awesome than yours) and wrote the final part of this blog bare chested. And that’s it ladies and gentlemen, this has been my second Week of Maxi. Hope you enjoyed this as much as a fat kid enjoys his chocolate cake.

Adieu (French for goodbye)!



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