Pokémon GO, BBQ & Friends – Week of Maxi

“If you believe, you will succeed. Unless you’re Diglett.”

Why hello there you beautiful creature. How’s your day going? I’m doing great by the way, thanks for asking. Welcome back to a new week of Maxi! This will be number 3 I think (insert thinking emoji).

Just for sh*ts and giggles, here are some fun facts about the number 3 (because this is week of Maxi numero 3. Yes, I speak Spanish now):

  1. Number 3 is the number of good fortune.
  2. In fairy tales three is often the magical number.
  3. Three is a sacred number in many religions.
  4. I just wasted your time with 3 useless facts (YOU’RE WELCOME).

“Wauw, thanks Maximiliaan for those super interesting facts which I’ll never remember!”. You’re welcome you random citizen of planet Earth! Alright! Now that we’ve got the mandatory weird part of this blog out of the way, it’s time to jump in the good stuff (admit it, I had you at Pokémon).

To start of this week I had to touch my inner child (shame on you if you’re laughing at this joke you paedophile). As some of you may know, I’m a 22 year old guy with the mental age of a 16 year old who apparently still goes crazy when he hears the words Pokémon and Go. If you still haven’t realized, on Monday, 29 May I went hunting for those adorable little creatures that go by the name of Pokémon (if you’ve never heard of them, I would kindly like to ask you to leave my blog).

Pro Pokémon GO Trainer Tip: If you’re ever in Ghent (don’t care what you say, it’s the best city on earth), go to the ‘Citadelpark’. The place is literally swarming with Charmanders (b*tches love Charmanders).

Processed with VSCO with  preset

To celebrate the successful hunt, we decided to have a barbecue (as you can see I’ve added a picture above). When the picture was taken I had no idea what I had to do with the stick in my hand, so I just decided to make it look like it was my special wooden lightsaber because I’m a Jedi (currently a Padawan though).

For the remainder of the week I of course did some work as well. Because this will probably be my final year in teacher practice (fingers crossed), I have to write a bachelor paper. For this I have to do a lot of research on the internet so I’ve decided to become Sherlock Holmes 2.0 Internet Edition. Below we’ve got a picture of me and my thesis partner doing some actual research (THIS PICTURE WAS NOT STAGED AT ALL).


To finish up this week I evolved from ‘Sherlock Holmes 2.0 Internet Edition’ into ‘a pubescent girl’. Of course this requires some extra explanation (very easy). I went on a shopping spree (daddy needs new clothes). The moment I got home I asked my birth giver (read mom) to take a couple of pictures of the brand new outfit. Notice the very professional model poses. (Outfit by COS) Would you guys mind sponsoring me?

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Whatsup bro?

Ah yes, to end this blog I’ve got a fun fact. This week I died 4 times due to the extreme heat over here in Belgium. Australians will be calling me a ‘Dipstick’ (I looked it up, it means a fool, apparently I’m part Australian).

Catch you next time!

Adiós (that’s Spanish for goodbye)



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