Work Work Work Work Work Work (Call me Rihanna) – Week of Maxi

Thanks to the huge success of my previous facts about the number 3, I have decided to do this for every Week of Maxi (I can already hear the applause). Alright, Week of Maxi #4 which means 4 new facts about, you guessed it, the number 4

  1. 4 is the only number in English that is equal to the number of letters in its name. (Let this sink in for a moment)
  2. The number 4 on a calculator is made up of 4 light bars (interesting).
  3. If you multiply the number 21978 by 4, it turns backwards! (Admit it, you tried it).
  4. There are 4 bottles of wine in a jeroboam (I have absolutely no idea what that word means, I just wanted a fourth fact)
  5. I have just delivered 4 (interesting??) facts about the number 4.
This is me, writing today’s blogpost. Why am I holding up the number 4? Don’t ask stupid questions.

That’s more than enough numbers 4 (see what I did there) the rest of the week. Let’s dive in to the blogpost of this week!

Do you guys know the song from my gurl Rihanna called “Work”? Well, if one could have a weekly anthem for his or her life, then this would have been mine for this past week. Because the finish line of my teacher practice education is starting to come in sight, I had to wright a bachelor thesis. Now, I may or may not started writing for this a bit too late (I’m a professional procrastinator). Because of this I decided to evolve (I’m a Pokémon) from Maximiliaan Verheyen (link to Instagram, always plug) into J.K. Rowling 2.0.

Fun fact: the amount of ‘works’ in the title is exactly the same as in the song. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

“Watcha looking at?”

Above I’ve also added a picture of me in my working habitat. DO NOT BE FOOLED, I normally don’t wear glasses. The ones I’m wearing are fake glasses and are supposed to make me look smarter (does it work?).

Also, today is Father’s Day here in Belgium. Apparently you guys in America celebrate this next week (weirdos). Because it is Father’s Day, I would like to take advantage of this occasion to thank my helicopter parent aka my dad (please tell me you got that joke). THANK YOU DAD! Alright that’s it.

Behind the scenes (great quality picture)

That’s pretty much the summary of what I’ve been doing this week. What will I be doing next week I hear someone asking? Well. Euhm. No clue. Guess you’ll have to read next week’s Week of Maxi to find out.

Before I go, enjoy this picture of me floating around with not 1 but 2 inflatable rings (the spoils)!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

Zbogom (Bosnian for goodbye)



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